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      Got good test scores?

Convincing new studies have shown that students who get the nutrition and physical exercise they need perform better in the classroom. They do better on exams and pose fewer behavior problems. But are they getting the nutrition their growing bodies need? According to the USDA,  when children and adolescents replace milk with soft drinks, they lose out on valuable nutrients needed for normal growth and development. Only 36% of boys and 14% of girls are getting enough calcium.
       And that brings me to the point of this web page. As local school district constituents and dairy farmers, we'd like to work with you to explore the possibility of placing a milk vending machine in our South Dakota schools so students will have more nutritional beverage choices.
       Please explore the following pages for more information on obtaining a milk vending machine. The following pages explains how South Dakota Milk Vending Machines, Inc. (SDMVM) formed and what we will do to help your school.

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